“A Life absent of boldness is a sure path to regret.” ― Julio Olalla

Join us for the BOLD journey of Moving Into ... YOU!





A Gathering experience gives you a safe space to learn the skills and increase your awareness to truly be your authentic self. Unwind and feel right at home in this beautiful location on the banks of Whiskey Creek, NC. Modern minimalistic design offers simplicity and comfort in the childhood home of Nicoa. It all begins here a restorative journey of focused self-awareness and a new way of Being.  A luxurious immersion experience designed to awaken YOU while celebrating YOU! One on one coaching, Experiential exercises, Self reflection photography & a Law of Being self-study program for YOU!

{COMING SOON Gathering Places for YOU in Raleigh and Brevard, NC}

Time to pause, reflect, play, laugh and be inspired to re-create YOU for YOU and those in your life! Experience being deliberate with your intentions to reveal what really matters most. Engage with us in a rich dialogue about claiming your best life at home AND at work. Caring for you is our number one priority while guiding you along your journey into YOU. Allow us to offer this safe space where no fear, uncertainty or doubt or possibility, for that matter, is off limits! We are here to take care of, nurture and celebrate YOU. It's your time. Everything is provided for you from meals to amenities. This is an experience for you, about you, your WHOLE Being. Come immerse yourself into the boldness of ... BEING!

 Coming together to Gather...an inward bound experience  that answers those questions you always ask: Is there More to life than this? I "have it all" but still feel incomplete, why? Why can't I get it right? why do I still seek?  ...discover beauty, power and peace of moving within to answer these and many more questions. Each fun, playful, yet powerful experience on this journey will be personal and transformational for YOU! A Gathering is an invitation to embrace your life, allowing it to unfold, aligning with your purpose and peace. An intimate setting encourages coming together and learning from one another while embracing personal exploration. Your guides create abundant opportunities for you to become one with yourself and all that is!


“I appreciate Nicoa and her partners so much for my experience. The Gathering transformed me! The way I see myself, the way I see others…the way I stand in my Truth and am now able to encourage my children to do the same more authentically than ever before. The ability to become the observer of myself and my circumstances has been life changing and I am so grateful to have found this insight and awareness now in my life. I want to say I wish it had been sooner, but I also now understand the power and value in All experiences bringing me to where I am now! It is all about living now from my heart!”
~ CEO, mid-size business, North Carolina